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LDAP Proxy

There are certain advantages you could enjoy if you are working with a good proxy firewall combined with LDAP directories which includes AD. An Active Directory is relatively secure as it is placed behind the LDAP proxy as an application can no longer access it directly.

In addition to that benefit, the LDAP proxy firewall also offers prevention on information leakage. It does this by publishing only the data that is being required or needed by the applications. With the LDAP firewall, the AD becomes safe and protected because any ineffective query is blocked, if not changed in real time into much more efficient and effective ones. Therefore, the Proxy Firewall gives complete remedy also in auditing all applications which access Active Directory that logs all activity even the searches and also changes into the SQL Server database.

By using an LDAP proxy firewall, the administrators can benefit the most as well. This is because these administrators are given the capability to profile applications to exactly view the searches and modifications produced by the applications in the directory. The LDAP proxy firewall further provides applications that is included with built in connections into the Active Directory. Another thing that it provides is a failover algorithm in the server layer without having to need every application to code such functionality.

There are plenty of other things which the users like about the firewall proxy in their virtual directory server. For instance, it could decrease the deployment times of the application by supplying immediately real time application specific views from a quantity of information retailers. Aside from that, it can also eliminate any barrier in the deployment of application by virtually managing the Active Directory schema changes plus in easily offering multiple views. When you can choose the best proxy firewall, you will be able to get these positive aspects.