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Know That Email Letters are Fake

1. For every email you receive, there is a corresponding internet protocol address (IP) that shows the origin of the sender. Using ip2location you can find the host address and details of the sender and know if you have any connection with the sender. Through your mail option, you can locate the view full header which contains these details.

2. The sender introduces his motives at the offset without greetings or a sentence showing you too have had any communications in the past, the body content is solely about selling a product with high discount and a universal resources location “URL” that does not relate to the content of the senders motive, most affiliate marketers makes use of this system because they need to maintain her affiliate link to enable me earn their commission if you purchase.

3. Sometimes you can just see a link and when you follow this link you are show all manners of opportunities to make $1000 within a second without doing anything and all you need is just buy membership to get all the tips and secrets shipped to you.

4. You should not be convinced when you see the sender having a custom email address as this is not a guarantee of its genuineness; lots of email service provider like mail dot come provider this service and lots of people make use of it. Some sender can secure cheap web hosting or purchase dedicated email accounts. Very intelligent they are and will always been, staying ahead with the least cutting edge technology will guarantee your safety. Email filters, Spam filter and In-box protection are some of the tools you can use.

5. Tracking the IP address is not enough proof to agree with me that the email is genuine; you need to further your investigations in a situation where payments are required from you. Virtual private networks can be purchased by the sender gain located satisfaction from you the receiver.